Narrow lane: Justin Bieber’s fiancée and ex-husband attend the same show, wear different clothes and “drop free” round 1


2 long legs associated with male singer Justin Bieber just had a “fiery” clash at NYFW.

Famous for flower digging, Justin Bieber used to go back and forth as well as rumor dating quite a lot of Hollywood beauties. The land was crowded, and it was only a matter of time before these girls met each other at the event. And recently, people have witnessed the “narrow alley” clash between Hailey Baldwin and Sofia Richie – a fiancée, a former male singer – on the Carolina Herrera show in the framework of New York fashion week.

This is probably the first time people realize that Hailey Baldwin and Sofia Richie have so much in common. Not only were they involved with Justin Bieber, the two girls also attended the same show among dozens of shows in NYFW this season, sitting in the same row, and even more distant was the same style of clothing. It seems that in addition to your boyfriend, 2 9x long legs also have the same fashion sense. Truly coincidentally and also surprisingly!

Both Hailey Baldwin and Sofia Richie are VIP guests on Carolina Herrera’s Spring / Summer 2019 show. Not only sitting in the front row of Justin Bieber’s fiancée, fiancée and ex-wife, but also wearing a suit in the style of “freeing” the 1st round. While Hailey is wearing a pink suit and not wearing anything below, Sofia has slightly more sophisticated when adding a blouse to penetrate underneath the red suit.

… then Sofia Richie coordinated the blouse to penetrate.
Hailey Baldwin sat next to Victoria’s Secret Lily Aldridge on the front row and didn’t have any interaction with Sofia Richie.

It is known that both suits are Carolina Herrera designs, just different season. If the pink suit of Hailey is located in BST Resort 2019, the red suit of Sofia belongs to the Collection / Winter 2018. The story of the guest of the house of the fashion show invited to inherently no wonder but the 2 guests invited capital The fact that there is a relatively sensitive relationship that happens to choose the same design from 2 different collections is very rare.

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Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin chose Carolina Herrera’s design (just different season) and coordinated the same as the template.









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