Script to automatically send batch messages

Script to automatically send batch messages

It is almost the end of the year, you must also need to send congratulatory messages (or debt collection) to your Facebook friends. I also need to use (mainly send texts) so I should do and share.

  • How is the script different from previous scripts?
  • Allow you to choose who you want to send, not all.
  • Allows random content.
  • Allows images to be attached.
  • Insert the name of the recipient’s facebook.
  • You can optionally delay between sending times so that facebook will limit the feature lock.

How to use:
Copy the script from the link below.
Press F12 to open the Developer Tool
Select the Console tab
Paste the copied script above and press Enter and wait for the script to scan your friends list and be able to send it.
Link script:

P / s: I intend to do the extension, but I find it cumbersome, so I use the script for it quickly. Because it is a script, you should be completely assured of security, because it runs completely on the client without sending data or running through any intermediate server.